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Christmas Camp 2020 is scheduled for December 18-20.  Looking forward to another amazing year!  For more information please contact the camp office 402-478-4296

In 2020, the Christmas Camp at Camp Fontanelle will be celebrating its seventh year of helping to change the lives of individuals and families. Through its weekend programming, Camp Fontanelle wants to provide blessings to those in need of blessings during the Advent Season.

During the first three years, Christmas Camp ran similarly to the summer camping ministry. Summer activities were provided and modified to adjust to the colder temps. In 2017, Christmas Camp became theme-based and included a family component. For 2017, the theme was “The Redemption of Scrooge” and in 2018, the theme was “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, and 2019 was "A Charlie Brown Christmas".  Plans are underway for 2020 "Christmas Around the World".

Christmas Camp is geared for children/youth who are 9-12 years old and are in a life situation in which Christmas may not be a joyful time of the year. These families may have financial struggles, health struggles, family in turmoil due to death, divorce or life challenges we cannot imagine. It is the hope that Christmas Camp will have a positive impact on the lives of the campers and the families who allow their child to spend the weekend at camp.

The camp is open to 36 youth. With the assistance of eight volunteers and the Camp Fontanelle staff, the weekend will be filled with games, worship, activities, great food and a lot of love.

The weekend may include some or all of the following activities:

Daily Worship, Dusk Hike, Zipline, Nativity Hike, Jumping Pillow,  Visit from Father Christmas, Giant Hungry, Hungry Hippo,                          Visit to the Petting Barn, Service work for the camp, Shopping for a family member, Camp fires/fires in the fireplace,                             Advent studies, Photo booth opportunities, Crafts

The camp will begin at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 18. Campers will check in, get settled in their sleeping quarters and then sit down for a specially prepared dinner. There will be get-to-know-you activities and a worship service to complete the day.

Saturday will be filled with good food (three meals and snacks) and fun activities as mentioned previously.  There will be indoor and outdoor activities, based on weather conditions and opportunities for our volunteers and staff to be a positive force to the campers. A service project/craft will be done in a rotation basis and the craft will be shared with a UM outreach ministry.

The camp will end on Sunday after lunch. It is the goal of Christmas Camp to have the participants feel closer to God and have a greater understanding of the Christmas season. If the campers are not connected with a church, there will be the opportunity to give the family resources to find a church in their area.

Camp will end with a family meal on Sunday. This was an addition to the programming in 2017. Bringing the family to the Christmas table, will let the families see how impactful Christmas Camp can be for youth. Families will be invited to a worship service given by the campers prior to lunch.

For more information, contact Jane Van Horn 402-478-4296 or 402-278-0526.



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