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List of Potential Eagle Scout Projects
Camp Fontanelle
9677 County Road 3
Fontanelle, NE  68044
Ph.  402.478.4296
Trent Meyer-Director 402-459-0686
e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Any scout working to achieve the Eagle Scout rank must complete the required Eagle Service Project. Camp Fontanelle offers the chance for any scout to expand his service to others, outside of Scouting, in the community. Contact Trent Meyer at Camp Fontanelle to arrange for an Eagle Project. Below is a list of service projects as of 1/15/20 available at Camp Fontanelle. 

  1. Purchase/install canopy/sails for petting barn stage
  2. Build 2nd stage on west side of campfire rings by petting barn
  3. Build big rocking chair/or giant swing (for photo opportunities) for corn maze/summer camp
  4. Build Archery Shooting line/storage shed/bale target shed (like Palomar CCC pics in Annual Improvements folder)
  5. Build Skeeball (like Vala’s)
  6. Build kiddie low ropes challenge course (like Valas)
  7. Build “Nature Explore Playground” for kids to play on (lots of educational stations for younger kids built from using natural materials)
  8. Build Woodboxes for private campfire sites
  9. Build play xylophone/sound sets (see Blair park or Vala’s in barn by tube slide)
  10. Create bird watching ‘blind’ w/bench seating and install bird feeders in front of station, supply binoculars)
  11. Make cutouts for corn maze à ‘Ma & Pa’cutout, pin the tail on the donkey, OR cutout with saddle for photo op
  12. Build Duck Races for corn maze season
  13. Build deck/shelter for tree boats – Survivor Site
  14. Build Tricycle “Garage” for Camp Fontanelle 500
  15. Build log cabin out of local cedar trees
  16. Install speakers/sound system/mouse proof box at petting barn
  17. Rebuild decks on hayrack
  18. Buy/construct rocking chairs for picnic pavilion (Tractor Supply Company model)
  19. Build stage for weddings (similar to Bellevue Berry Farm setup)
  20. Build 9-Square-In-The-Air by shelter
  21. Build Laser Tag Charging Shed
  22. Overhead trellis for vines w/benches
  23. Make ‘Jamaican’ drums out of 55 gallon steel drums & Repair Drums in Petting Barn
  24. Install 2 “Pots & Pans” Playing Stations along with 2 x 4 Wooden Xylophones between trees
  25. Make ‘songs’ from pieces of electrical conduit
  26. Goat Playground (Ramps, walkways, slides, etc)
  27. Swinging Bench Worship Site at 7:24 Shelter
  28. Help construct a 3-D archery range
  29. Make benches out of 2x10’s (like Arlin Kiel made, see plans
  30. Make peacock pen out of corn crib, make shelter/roost in corn crib
  31. Giant Science Playground – make oversized swing, teeter totter, find/install merry-go-round
  32. Marquis with roof for marketing/advertising
  33. Restain Folding Tables By Main Lodge & 7:24 Shelter –
  34. Repair & Repaint Picnic Tables
  35. Make New Funnels & Tubes w/Magnets for petting barn metal wall “Chutes & Funnels” game
  36. Build Wood Storage sheds à behind house, behind 7:24 Shelter & Christmas Tree Worship site
  37. Purchase/install charcoal grills (like the ones @ Pioneer Park in Lincoln)
  38. Replace landscaping timbers around bell, retaining walls around trees/fireplace in fort
  39. Help build ‘Chapel’ in A-frame 5-A à build benches, etc. PENDING
  40. Build new Picnic Tables àheavy duty frames, see tables @ Camp
  41. Marble Maze (See Trent, 8’ x 8’ with concrete slab underneath
  42. Treat Gazebo – waterproof
  43. Scrape & repaint shed/outbuildings (Maze, archery, tree climbing, movie, mannequin)
  44. Low Ropes Course Maintenance à fix meat grinder, build a trust fall stand, water proof wood elements, wood chip around all elements/trails
  45. Build Sod Furniture à Sofas, Chairs, etc.
  46. Build Hammock Havens à center pole with 8 to 12 poles in an outer perimeter to hang hammocks to the center pole (x6)
  47. Benches around Inspiration Point Camp Fire
  48. Lean-to shed for dry storage of tractor/hayrack – 14’ wide by 50’ long
  49. Summer Camp testimonials wall
  50. Bigfoot for along road.
  51. playground donated, install w/border/wood chips for bedding, camp has chipper/wood)
  52. Posts in for ‘award stand’ pictures
  53. Ticket Booth for Corn Maze – make look like an outhouse
  54. Build 40’ long and 3’ wide PVC slide (x2) à See Harvest Moon by Oakland or Frankenslide @ Skinny Bones
  55. Carnival Games in Fort Area or where trikes used to be (Basketball shooting, etc.)
  56. Kiddie ziplines à like at Vala’s
  57. Meditation Trail Signs
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